• 5 years ago, I and Ariel met in Perth, studying the same degree course while graduating at the same time. After graduating, applying for a new visa seems very intimidating due to the many legislation and requirements. It is all new to us! We then decided to approach a migration agency to assist us with the migration service, horrifyingly, the other agent told me that I was just one unit short as I did some summer units back in Malaysia. His recommendation is I have no choice and to take a postgraduate course for 2 years then try again. Imagine I’ve took up their advice, the extra fees and time wasted! Fortunately, with my elder brother’s encouragement due to his positive experience with I-Migration, I approached Jocelyn and told her about my hurdle on attaining Permanent Residency status. Due to their professionalism, providing us with only our best interest (Not driven by University commissions and etc.), we got it without much hassle, it’s them doing all the hard work and patiently guiding us through the application process. I would truly recommend I- Migration as I believe they are the best in their field and always acting in their client’s best interest. They are thoughtful and personal unlike other agents in this field. Thanks to I-Migration, I and Ariel are now married and planning for an Australian born child!
    — Richard and Ariel
    Skill Select Visa
  • My partner and I arrived to Melbourne on May 2013. He got a scholarship to study a Master’s degree at La Trobe University, so we traveled with a Student visa and de facto relationship status. We knew we wanted to stay and live here before the studies were over. So we started some research and finally attended a free event hosted by our alma mater in Mexico at RMIT. There, we met Jocelyn Diaz, from I-Migration. We made an appointment and she explained our different options to obtain the Australian permanent residency. Needless to say, we asked for her help, since our path consisted of being recognised as engineers by Engineers Australia, ace our English tests, obtain legal documents from Mexico… in other words, we were journeying on a lengthy, costly process. Without direction, all the effort, time and money could be potentially wasted. Right from the start, I-Migration left everything clear and on the table. What were the fees we would pay and when, what were our responsibilities, what were theirs, approximate processing times, and kept us in the loop on every step of the way. The fact that Jocelyn speaks Spanish just made it even easier. Nothing beats the sense of speaking in your native language, understanding everything. Jocelyn and I-Migration helped us get the permanent residency really quick, and we would totally recommend their services. Thank you, once again, for letting us fulfill our dreams!
    — Jesús Alejandro Aguilar
    Skill Select Visa
  • I applied for a skilled migration visa in February 2012 through I-Migration and surprisingly received my PR in less than three weeks while it normally takes more than one year. One of my friends advised me to contact I-Migration when I was very confused and stressed after receiving an email from my TR case officer suggesting that I should change the category of my application and I will not be able to apply for PR anymore. Antony’s explanation was very clear about why I was able to apply for PR without any problem and that he was happy to help me with my application. I-Migration team made the process of my PR very easy and convenient. Unlike so many other agencies that ask the clients to prepare most of the documents themselves, I felt that in I-Migration they value time of their clients and make the amount of paper works for them to the minimum. They also give useful guide on how to obtain required documents from different organisations, if it is needed to be done by clients. They are also very responsible and professional. I found that when it is required they will work far out of their business hours to make sure their clients application will be submitted in time. In addition, their friendly attitude and being always available to their clients 24/7 with prompt replies to their questions is so convenient. I have recommended I-Migration to so many friends with easy and complicated cases and all of them thanked me for introducing them to such a professional and friendly team.
    — Golnar Khomami
    Skill Select Visa
My agent was Jocelyn Díaz. She was a fantastic agent who offered great support. She was quick in answering any questions I had during the process. Even at the point where I had to put my application on hold due financial reasons, she acted so professional that I had no doubt on going back to her once I was able to continue with the process. It was her attitude and predisposition that made me chose I-Migration over any other agencies. I had provided this feedback in the past since I was really mesmerized by Jocelyn’s efficiency.
— Giovanna
‘Friendly, professional, reliable, and very helpful’ - these are the words that suits best I-Migration. They helped us with our PR visa application thoroughly and was approved quickly too. We could say that we are truly satisfied and grateful for their excellence in their professional work with outstanding extra effort to really achieve the client’s satisfaction. It was a genuinely rewarding experience having them as a migration agent. As a matter of fact, we are getting their service again to help us get our parents visa! Thank you so much!
— May Lyn Yu Guinto and Denis Baniqued
I was recommended to I-Migration by a friend, and from the very first time I spoke to Antony, I could perceive his experience, professionalism and commitment towards his work. Those were the main reasons that influenced in my decision of applying for my Permanent Residence with them. It really gave me peace of mind the fact to be receiving advice and support from an honest and reliable person, with an extensive experience in migration matters and always having in mind the best options for me.

Now that I got my permanent residence, I’m happy and glad of having taken the decision to hire I-Migration services, and I only have three words to describe the excellent services that I received: efficiency, honesty and professionalism. I always received the right advice and the most reliable information from Antony, at keeping constant communication along all my visa process, from the beginning, through the application process, and until the very end, when I received a phone call from him notifying me that my PR visa had been granted, just 4 months later of my application being lodged!

I strongly recommend anyone looking for a migration agent to go to I-Migration.
— Cristobal T. Manzano Parra
My Permanent Residency Visa would not have been possible without the help from I-Migration. I went to heaps of other migration agents and I was told straight up that my case would not be possible with my partner, until I had a chat to Antony from I-Migration. He took the time to explain why my case was possible and the best way to approach the application. I was also briefed on how he would argue my case if something does not go as planned (rejected).

I took up the service and constantly liaised with him and Jocelyn to have everything on track and obtained the required documentation along the way. After a year or so, we were ready to lodge our PR application and hoped for the best. After submitting our last pending document of the application, the PR visa was granted within a FEW HOURS. It was just phenomenal and I have not met people who had it granted within such a short time frame.

I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using their service as these guys really know their stuff. Good luck!
— Kok Wee Soon
I have had the best experience with I-Migration. The service provided by all the staff is exceptional!! I have and will continue to recommend it to all my friends. Jocelyn has helped me with all my doubts towards applying for PR with all the kindness and professionalism. Keep up all the great work!
— Gustavo Echeverria
I came to know about I-Migration when there was a visa session at La Trobe University. I had processed my TR & PR visa through i-migration 3 years ago, Antony & Amy were assisting me from the scratch. It was an easy and straight forward process which was hassle free with no dilemmas or doubtfulness. I referred couple of my friends and overall it was a good service.
— Prady
I visited I-Migration 4 years ago, I had my visa problem and it was about to expire, I went to see 2 other migration agents but they couldn’t help me, they said I had no options to stay in Australia, I nearly gave up and returned to Thailand. My friend then recommended me to see Antony Wallace. I was so impressed with his advice and service, and how quickly he found an option for me. I then used I-Migration for my temporary and permanent visa applications. I also recommended many friends to I-Migration and all of them are very happy with the service here.
— Patchara
I am very pleased with the services and guidance provided by one of your representative, Jocelyn Diaz. I was prompted through all the process and she has explained all procedures very clearly. Moreover, Jocelyn always assist in a professional and calm manner even though the situation may be quite stressful. Most importantly, the quality of all services were incredibly good despite the fact that we are located in different states. I am glad that I was introduced to your migration company and I would definitely recommend other people to I-Migration for their visa.
— Y. J. Wang
I first came to I-Migration because I needed some advice regarding permanent residency visa. Antony helped me to understand the process and pointed out the possibilities in my case, and I finally decided to use their service.

Antony and all staff at I-Migration provided me excellent services and support through both TR and PR lodgement process. Although we faced with time constraints, with their professional experience, all paper works and documents were done smoothly and submitted within time. I absolutely appreciated their effective teamwork and skilled expertise in helping me receiving my permanent residency.
— Faye Kunavipakorn
I-Migration is the most impressive migration agency I have ever been with. The staff take care of you and help you in every way they can and they never let you down. Everyone in I-Migration is very friendly and they make you feel warm and welcoming. I have been with I-Migration for almost two years and I applied for both, my TR and PR visas through them. Even though, I have failed IELTS exams for many times, they never give up on me and still support and help me in every way.

I would like to thank everyone in I-Migration for assisting me and providing me with many useful advises. I believe that others would also agree that I-Migration is very wonderful.
— Umaporn Udomkul
I was already confident about I-Migration when I handed over my immigration case to them since I had received very positive and encouraging feedback from my university friends who had used their service. But what came next was much more than I expected. My case was handled very professionally and my agent at I-Migration, Antony, took much more interest in my case than I expected of any agent. He was prompt throughout with any queries I had. In fact I barely spent any time or energy towards my visa process and the only thing I did was provide Antony with any documents he asked me for and whoa here was my visa in no time, especially considering that it was an offshore application. I could never believe the immigration process could be so smooth and hassle free. I have recommended I-Migration to countless friends ever since and would strongly encourage anyone to use their service if they are planning on moving to Australia.
— Sanchit Dhawan
My partner and I so glad and satisfied that we approached to I-Migration regarding our Australian Permanent Residency Visa (190), and the Visa was granted within several months. Antony Wallace and Jocelyn Diaz are very professional, friendly and patient. They helped me preparing every document needed so I hardly spend any energy on the application process myself. I am very impressed of their efficiency, honesty and they always advice the best option for me during the preparation stage of the application. Not only these, they very commit to their works, Jocelyn would even reply my email 9 pm at night!

I have a great experience with I-Migration. I sincerely thank you Antony and Jocelyn, the PR application process would be difficult without your help. They always take great care of their clients. I would highly recommend using I-Migration’s services.
— Ying Ying Lee and P.M
I-Migration fue mi agencia migratoria por varios años. Jocelyn fue quien como agente migratoria llevó mi caso para el trámite de mi Residencia Permanente. Siempre me dio muy buen seguimiento y contestaba mis correos de la manera más pronta posible. Creo que el hecho de que habláramos el mismo idioma ayudó mucho a la comunicación y a entender qué se tenía que hacer en cada paso. Sin duda recomendaría los servicios de I-Migration.
— Trinidad Espinosa
I have used several migration services before and they were all costly, furthermore, they were all useless until my brother-in-law recommended me I-Migration services. Amy, thanks so much for your excellent support, you narrowed the fear of being abroad with no clue of how things are done in Australia. Naturally, I will recommend I-Migration to my friends and family as well. Thanks for all your help with my PR visa, now me, my wife and children have settled in Australia.
— Hoa Van Nguyen
Mi nombre es Joaquin Gallegos, y recibí mi PR en julio del 2014. Mi caso fue un poco complicado porque mi carrera (Ingeniería en Mecatrónica) no estaba en la lista de ocupaciones en demanda para Australia y ni siquiera existía en Australia en ese entonces. La verdad yo pensé que me iban a negar la visa, pero gracias a la ayuda de Jocelyn logramos revalidar mi carrera y obtener los puntos necesarios para aplicar para una visa permanente.

Yo he recomendado, y seguiré recomendado los servicios de I-Migration ya que gracias a ellos, varios conocidos y yo logramos conseguir quedarnos en Australia de forma permanente. En pocas palabras I-Migration brinda un “cost- effective service”.
— Joaquin Gallegos
My husband and I came to Australia three years ago on a working Visa. After two years we wanted to apply for Permanent Residency but neither of our employers were able to sponsor us. We felt we had no other options but then a friend recommended I-Migration to us. We approached them for a consultation and Antony immediately found a solution to our problem: a State-sponsored Visa. Our case was assigned to Jocelyn and she has been amazing throughout the process. Extremely professional, fast, efficient and always available to answer our many questions. It turned out to be a rather painless experience for us! We could not have asked for more. We have recommended I-Migration to all our colleagues and friends with migration needs and we will certainly continue to do so!
— Francesca Froldi
Before we come to see Antony we were trying to apply for a 489 Visa. Our agent in the past gave us the wrong advice and then we found ourselves in a very difficult situation which made us desperate. I-Migration was recommended by one of our friends and since our first appointment Antony was very helpful and gave us all the options to succeed with our case. Then we start the process with Jocelyn which was amazing. She makes everything clear and help us to organize all our documents including certifications from Australian Engineers and others. We would like to recommend I-Migration to all of those who are looking for a professional service and want to get their migration situation solve. They are clear and always offer the best for you.
— Jhon Grueso and Patricia Santos
Thank you for your help and patience all along, definitely would seek for your help if needed in future!

Hope you continue to leverage your great profession and service to help more international people to get their visa, just like me :)
— Eric Lau
멜버른에서 간호학과를 졸업한 후, 빅토리아 주정부를 통한 영주권 신청을 Antony 법무사님을 통하여 하게 되었는데요. 준비해야 될 서류들도 많고 절차 또한 복잡해서 많이 헷갈렸는데, 각 단계들을 눈으로 보이게끔 정리해주시고 최대한 쉽게 설명해주신 부분에서 신뢰가 갔고요, 준비 과정 중에서 신하정 코디네이터님과 법무사님께 연락하고 싶을 때마다 항상 연락이 바로바로 되어서 어느정도 진행 중인지 실시간으로 알 수 있었던 점에서 더 신뢰가 갔던 것 같아요. 불안하지 않고 마음 편히 기다릴 수 있었고 또한 바쁘실텐데 항상 웃는 얼굴과 친절한 서비스에 정말 만족스러웠어요! 비자신청과 그 과정, 승인까지 신뢰도가 최고였던 점에서 아직도 지인들에게 추천 많이 한답니다! 감사합니다!
— Ha Kyoung Lee
I’m Alfredo, a Mechatronics Engineer from Mexico, I decided to move to Australia almost 6 years ago due to a work opportunity with an Australian company which sponsor me to come to Australia on a 457 visa. I moved to Melbourne because the company that hired me was involved in the major desalination water project at the time, after a 3 years working for them they agreed to sponsor me to get my permanent residency, but at the same time I got job offers from other companies and I decided to jump ship, my new company agreed to get me a new 457 visa as the first one had only a year left on it, also they agreed to sponsor me to get my PR after 2 years working with them, but again after a year I had a better job offer and change jobs again. So after 5 years I decided that I should seek my permanent residency on my own because I didn’t want to be depending on working certain amount of time for a company to get PR sponsorship, so last August I engaged I-Migration to do my permanent residency visa process and now 4 months later I have my permanent residency.

Just to put this in context, I had no idea or the time to this on my own and a friend recommended I-Migration. So basically I had to go through 3 stages, during which I was guided step by step the whole way. I would like to say that I am more than pleased with the services I-Migration provided in getting my PR, first and most important I had a one on one assessment with one of their agents in which I was explained, based on my particular case, all my options and realistic timelines about the PR process. Another thing to point out is that I-Migration has agents that have different backgrounds and speak different languages which makes the process easier.

The agent that perfectly managed my case was Jocelyn Diaz, since the first day she was friendly and clear, Jocelyn being from Mexico as well helped a lot as she has a lot of experience and knowledge on which documents need to be sourced and from where and how to sort any roadblocks that could come up along the process, making it easier and thus increasing chances of success. As well I would like to point out that Jocelyn was there the whole way and always available and happy to answer any question and clarify any doubt I had along the process. I would recommend Jocelyn 100%.

I would certainly recommend I-Migration services to anyone seeking any kind of advice on immigration related matters because of their experience and knowledge of the current and ever changing Australian immigration laws, their friendly environment and work ethics helps taking the stress out of applying for a PR, and finally they will always tell you on a case by case basis where do you stand, what your options are and what is the best path to follow in order to ensure that you will get a successful visa outcome.
— Alfredo Sandoval